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Balance weighing, weigh ticket, delivery note preparing software

Balance weigh ticket software

Main functions

  - preparing producer-free weigh tickets

   Currently there is direct connection with the following scale types:

 - preparing delivery notes;

 - maintenance of platform scales, storehouse scales, weighbridges;
 - weighing with known tare (if it is for example a truck, or the bare weight of the empties is known)
 - two weigh measuring (in case of incoming supply measuring inwards brutto weight, while outwards bare weight)

 - post-making of weigh tickets (e.g. in case of scale connection failure)
 - rating – and empties maintenance
 - retrieval and reprinting of weigh tickets

 - article, partner master data maintenance inside of the scale managing software
 - truck, supplier master data maintenance (in case of truck tare value can be given)
 - store and ship master data maintenance

 - cancellation of weigh tickets
 - complete data export in Excel file format

 - managing of user groups (profiles)
 - setting and managing of detailed user authorities and rights

 - connection can be built towards ERP Systems (weigh ticket data transfer)
 - preparing and printing statistics and statements
 - sending the daily reports automatically in e-mail, in pdf format

 - itemised lists
 - cumulative lists (for partner, aricle, truck, etc.)
 - using the software in several languages

The program is running under Windows, with a graphical user interface.

Currently the program supports the following languages:
-    Hungarian
-    German
-    English
-    Roman


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Demo version can be downloaded from here!

The user's manual is available on this link (currently in hungarian language, with many photos).
Balance weigh ticket preparing software